analyst leaves the analysis program due to her mother’s death

Nadia Nadim, a television analyst, revealed that she had to leave a show live after learning of her mother’s death when she was hit by a truck.

The British news agency BA Media reported that former Manchester City attacker Nadim was part of ITV’s coverage of the match, which ended in a goalless draw between Denmark and Tunisia on Tuesday.

But the 34-year-old Danish international had to leave her job before the final whistle, while commentator Mark Pogac announced to viewers that she had been forced to do so.

On Wednesday, Nadim revealed the tragic event on Twitter.

“On Tuesday morning, I learned that my mother died in an accident after being hit by a truck on her way home from a gym.”

She added: “Words can’t describe how I feel, I lost the most important person in my life, and it happened suddenly and unexpectedly, she’s only 57 years old.”

She continued: “She was a fighter, and she fought every moment of her life.”

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