In a wonderful humanitarian gesture, the German player donates all the gains to the children

Real Madrid’s German international Antonio Rudiger decided

in a wonderful humanitarian gesture to donate all the money

he would earn at the 2022 World Cup

in order to undergo 11 children in Sierra Leone for a better and fairer life.

It is worth mentioning that Antonio Rudiger is closely linked.

to the small African State in the western part of the brunette continent

as it is the country where his mother was born.

According to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo,

Rüdiger, in cooperation with the German aid organization Big Shoe

will fund a series of very complex and costly therapeutic processes

that are expected to change these children’s lives.

Antonio Rudiger was determined to take care of

the bail and treatment of 11 children from the Sierra Leone city of Lunsar, who suffer mainly from hindfoot injuries.

This genetic injury, which puts the foot in a reverse position

  • is expected to significantly affect children’s lives not only
  • because of obvious physical problems but also because these disabilities are a severe social stigma in Sierra Leone.

These children suffer from social isolation and are bullied

and have no access to employment and normal life in the future.

On the margins of the operations,

Rudiger sent several shirts bearing his name to Sierra Leone to make children happy after often painful surgeries.

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