Italian Sports Court stops Mourinho’s two matches

Serie A Sports Court suspended Serie A football director Jose Mourinho for two games.

The league started in Milan on Tuesday evening,

that Portuguese Mourinho entered the field of play shortly

before the final whistle of the Rome game, against hosts Turin,

which ended in a tie for each team, where he invoked a “threatening stance”

on a decision to rule the arena and was insulted.

Mourinho, 59 will not lead his team from inside the stadium in the two Rome games scheduled after next January’s winter break against Bologna at the Rome Stadium and against Milan at the latter’s Stadium.

Roma played 15 rounds in the competition and finished seventh in the league standings with 27 points. After drawing with Turin and Sassuolo and defeating rivals Lazio, Roma desperately needed points in order not to lose the opportunity to participate in international competitions.

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