Laporta comments on the possibility of Messi’s return.. It resolves Alba’s fate with Barcelona

Juan Laporta, president of Spanish club Barcelona, explained that the departure of top defender Gérard Pique, was heard from the player’s side first, and may have occurred with sporting motivation,

  • noting that if Gerrard had owned the trust of coach Xavi Hernández and played as the rest of the undisputed foundations, he clearly would not have left.
  • Pique added during his comments to Sport: “Pique decided what he wanted to do to retire and we from the board respect him, Xavi was very honest with him from the very first moment, where the technician told him he was not dependent on him and I discussed his situation with him as well, but Gerard is a rival man.”
  • He continued: “Pique still considers himself an essential player and wants to continue. Although in the end he saw reality and made a decision, he had a way to say goodbye to the club, given the rush, it’s very nice, we always want our heroes to be eternal but that’s impossible. “
  • He continued: “Pique was able to say goodbye to the Camp Nou Stadium, Messi La, what is the likely situation for Messi’s return to Barcelona right now? Is it verifiable?
  • If this is not done, do you have any kind of assessment planned? Leo knows that in Barcelona he is always like his home, but let me not talk about Leo because he is a player for another team and we will again enter into a series of statements and counter-statements that will not benefit us at all,
  • he has a valid contract with a European club, I can only say that Leo was the best player in Barcelona’s history. “

He said: “Pique’s departure will greatly alleviate the problem of” fair play “as Busquets and Sergei Roberto will expire on June 30.

Of the four leaders, Jordi Alba remains only. Will he be negotiated? Exit or new salary reduction? We respect contracts, and Jordi has a contract until 30 June 2024 and we will respect it. “

He concluded: “Jordi is also a great fan of Barcelona, I don’t want to go into any kind of controversy,

  • in a moment of extreme difficulty they are looking for each other everywhere. Gerrard’s decision was personally motivated by his athletic status,

Alba is having a good season, he is doing his best and I don’t want to get into other derivatives. “

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