Lewandowski: Prepare for the World Cup like it’s my last. The atmosphere in Qatar is better than Russia

Robert Lewandowski, the Barcelona striker, and the Polish national team commented on whether or not the World Cup in Qatar would be his last.

Poland will play its first 2022 World Cup match against Mexico on 22 November in Group C, which also includes Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

“I don’t know if this is my last World Cup or not, I’m preparing for this tournament like it’s the last World Cup, but I’m not saying no or yes,” Lewandowski said at a press conference this Friday evening.

He continued: “I realize that I can continue to play with current physical conditions for another 3-4 years, but there are many other factors.”

He added: “We prefer to focus on the first game now, to face Argentina will be the third game in the group, so I don’t think about it at the moment.”

“Argentina is known to be the favourite team not only for our group, but for the whole tournament, and we are also aware that we are not the top candidates of the group, but we will do everything we can to pick up points.”

He continued: “It is difficult to expect a team to achieve the tournament, for me there are Argentina and Brazil, and of course from Europe there are Spain, Germany, and France.”

I finished: “The temperature in Qatar is very high but we are well prepared, it will be the same for everyone, compared to the previous World Cup, it is easier for me to adapt in Doha, in the 2018 Russia version it was not quite comfortable for me in Sochi.”

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