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Marketing Value of Group7 Qatar World Cup… Brazil is sweeping.

Brazil Team

The marketing

value of the Brazilian team is one of the world’s top 10 teams

on the throne of Group G,

with the marketing value of Neymar’s comrades estimated at 1.13 million euros.

Brazil’s Vinicius Junior and Real Madrid

are the highest value among his team-mates

with an estimated marketing value of 120 million euros.

Serbia National Team

Serbia’s marketing value is up to 357.20 million euros

which is second in the group’s ranking in terms of marketing value.

Juventus’ Dušan Vlahović and Serbia are the most valuable player, estimated at 80 million euros.

Switzerland National Team

Switzerland is ranked third in the group in terms of marketing value

which is a financial value of 218 million euros.

Swiss team player Manuel Akanji and English club Manchester City

are the most expensive among his teammates, with an estimated marketing value of 30 million euros.

Cameroon Team

Cameroon is ranked last in Group G

elections in terms of marketing value,

estimated at 155.63 million euros.

Cameroon’s Andre Frank and Napoli

are the most expensive of the Lions, with an estimated marketing value of 38 million euros.

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