Mourinho’s assistant defends Ronaldo Manchester United

Former Real Madrid assistant coach José Morales has defended Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo, following his latest remarks.

Ronaldo opened fire on Manchester United management, explaining that he disrespected manager Eric Ten Hag.

Speaking to the Portuguese newspaper Apolla, Morales said: “To have a player like him, is to be a blessed coach. Cristiano, undoubtedly, is a reasonable and humble person. I’m not saying “UFO” because he’s a human being. It would be more than “human with unknown characteristics.”

Morales added: “I’m just saying you should be a special coach to train special players. Being a special trainer means knowing how to deal with situations like those that happen. Positive communication. The creation of trust depends on factors that relate to an individual’s personal development. The best coach is the most capable of dealing with these situations. “

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