Opening of the World Cup. Highlights of Qatar v Ecuador in the World Cup

The Qatari team, and its Ecuadorian counterpart in the opening of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 finals, saw a large crowd of 67,372 fans inside Al Bayt Stadium.

Qatar scored its first participation in the history of the 1930 tournament. Qatar goalkeeper Saad Al-Shayeb received his first yellow card in the 15th minute. Ener Valencia scored his first goal, his first double in the 16th and 31st minutes, and his first penalty in the 2022 World Cup.

The Qatari team’s share of the match was 4 yellow cards each: Saad al-Shib, Mu ‘izz Ali, Karim Boudiaf, and Akram Afif. Moussa Caicedo and Gigson Mendes received the yellow card from the Ecuadorian national team.

The match was moderated by an Italian arbitration crew led by Daniele Orsato, who obtained the international license in 2010.

Qatar’s acquisition rate in the match was 40%, compared with 46% for Ecuador and 14% in the competition. The infiltrations were 7:3 for the Qatari team. The offenses were 30 offenses, 15 per team. The corners were one for Qatar and 3 for Ecuador.

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