Pique sends a message to Ramos after retiring from Barcelona

Spanish superstar Gerard Pique, who recently retired from FC Barcelona,

was keen to thank compatriot Sergio Ramos,
The Paris Saint-Germain star, who paid him a beautiful tribute,

as the newlywed was very happy with the message sent by his former friend in the Spanish selection.

It is known that Ramos and Pique have always had a very special relationship, especially since one is Catalan, the other a Real Madrid captain,

but this did not prevent them from forming one of the most specific hinges of the century, so, when Gerard Pique announced his retirement, Sergio Ramos paid tribute to him.

  • On Twitter, Sergio Ramos was one of the first to send a message to Gerard Pique, where Ramos said: “Jerry, I tell you in Andalusian: Let them take your dance away, crash! Enjoy life! “
  • That’s how Ramos, the Paris Saint-Germain defender, wrote to thank him for what he gave during his busy career.
  • While Pique commented: “In this area, any opinion he has shown will have an impact and personal, it is the choice of coach,
  • everyone wants to influence Luis Enrique, but no one can, it is not our role, I was pleased with Sergio and his goodbye to me” and Gerard Pique stated this during the live broadcast accompanied by his friend Ibay Janus on Twitch.

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