Premier League table after the conclusion of the 15th round on Sunday

The fifteenth round of the Premier League football competition concluded on Sunday with Liverpool beating their Spurs counterparts by two goals to one.

Salah opened the scoring for Liverpool early in the 11th minute, before adding the Red Team’s second goal in the 40th minute, bringing his Premier League scoring tally this season to 6.

Mohamed Salah scored 19 goals + 5 assists after 20 games in all competitions this season with Liverpool, and in his six seasons with the club, he scored (14 goals, 5 assists), and only once before had more goals after 20 games (28 in 2021-22).

The Gunners also regained the top spot in the Premier League, beating hosts Chelsea, with a clear goal, during their match on Sunday.

The Gunners are beholden to Gabriel Magales, who scored the game’s only goal in the 63rd minute.

The Gunners took their tally to 34 points at the top of the table, two ahead of Manchester City, while Chelsea’s tally stopped at 21 points in seventh place.

The table for the Premier League ranking after the conclusion of the 15th round is as follows:

Premier League table on Sunday

  1. Arsenal is in first place with 34 points.
  2. Manchester City is second with 32 points.
  3. Newcastle United is third with 27 points.
  4. Spurs are fourth with 26 points.
  5. Manchester United is fifth with 23 points.
  6. Brighton is sixth with 21 points.
  7. Chelsea is seventh with 21 points.
  8. Liverpool is eighth with 19 points.
  9. Fulham is ninth with 19 points.
  10. Crystal Palace is 10th with 19 points.
  11. Brentford is 11th with 16 points.
  12. Leeds United is 12th with 15 points.
  13. Aston Villa is 13th with 15 points.
  14. Leicester City is 14th with 14 points.
  15. West Ham is 15th with 14 points.
  16. Everton is 16th with 14 points.
  17. Bournemouth is 17th with 13 points.
  18. Southampton is 18th with 12 points.
  19. The wolves are in 19th place with 10 points.
  20. Nottingham Forest is in 20th place with 10 points.

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