Rayo Vallecano coach: Real Madrid is the best in the world

Rayo Vallecano’s manager, Iraola, confirmed that Real Madrid is the current champions of the Champions League and La Liga competition.

“The absence of Benzema affects them less because they have been without him in several games and the team is doing very high,” Rayo Vallecano said during the match’s press conference.

Rayo Vallecano added: “The absence of Cross is important because he gives them so much control. He is very smart and knows how to interpret football perfectly. it would be a good absence for us “.

By asking: “How do you beat Real Madrid? We’ll have to do a lot of things well, we can’t let them play as fast as they want throughout the game. there will be moments when they pay you more, but we will have to get through it and take advantage of our opportunities “.

Real Madrid finished second with 32 points, after being removed from the summit by rivals Barcelona on Saturday, where Barsa beat Almeria by two clear goals, taking them to 34 points.

On the other hand, Rayo Vallecano’s side is ninth in the Liga standings table with 18 points, playing 12 matches winning in 5 matches, drawing 3 meetings, and losing 4 games.

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