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Senegal List for World Cup Qatar 2022. Manny’s call despite the injury

Senegal head coach Alio Cissé revealed on Friday morning a resounding surprise within Senegal’s 2022 World Cup list,

announcing that the formation would include Sadio Mane, the recently injured Bayern Munich winger.

Mane was injured last Tuesday

, in Bayern Munich’s game against Werder Bremen, and the German club said the following day that the former Liverpool winger had suffered an injury “to his head in the right shrapnel”

and that he would miss the next game. from the team, while press reports indicated that his injury might deprive him of being with Senegal at the World Cup.

Mane joins Senegal’s World Cup 2022 list
During the press conference now held, Senegal’s head coach, Alio Cissé, announced that Sadio Mane had been included in Senegal’s list at the 2022 World Cup.

Senegal’s World Cup Group 2022

Senegal is in the 2022 World Cup in the first group of the competition, along with the Netherlands, Ecuador and Qatar. Africa’s first match against the Netherlands will be on the 21st.

Senegal’s World Cup List 2022

Goalkeepers: Edouard Mendy, Alfred Gomes, Siney Deng.

Line of defence: Ghana Goi, Cheikhou Kouyate, Nampalez Mendi, Crippin Diata, Bab Goi, Babi Sar, Pathi Cess, Mustafa Asma, Lom Ndiaye.

Midfield: Kalidou Koulibaly, Abdou Diallo, Youssef Diallo, Fodi Palu Touré, Papi Abu Cisse, Ismail Jacobs, Formos Mendy.

Line of attack: Sadio Mane, Ismail Sarr, Bolay Zia, Bamba Deng, Famara Didio, Nicholas Jackson, Elliman Ndiaye.

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