Why did Ronaldo feel disrespected at Manchester United?

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo

explained why he did not take part in Manchester United’s preparatory program before the start of the current football season.

The latest revelation came as another clip of the Manchester United striker’s interview with the presenter was released during the show “Morgan’s” Uncensored “on Sunday, and the host of” Talk TV “revealed that Ronaldo had sat down with him for a conversation about his second stint with the Red Devils.

In the first excerpts that came out, Ronaldo criticized the club, Eric ten Hag, Ralph Rangnick, and former teammate Wayne Rooney, while in this last clip, the striker asserted that he felt disrespected, as he explained why he felt that way.

The reason he claims to feel disrespectful is that he believes Manchester United handled the situation regarding the health of his child, Bella, and his partner, Geo, badly, and said: “Exactly, I spoke with the manager and president of the club and they couldn’t believe something was wrong.”

Cristiano Ronaldo added, “Which makes me feel bad. Yes. They don’t believe it, but in the same way… I’ll never lie about my family’s health. They really hurt me because they doubt my words. In the case of Bella and Geo – we spent one week in the hospital because they had a big problem. “

“I did not go to pre-season because of this, because I was not allowed to leave my family, I should have been there, I think it was unfair to leave my family at that time. That’s why I didn’t go. “

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