World Cup group stage dates

The most expensive continental tournament in the world of round witches, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, kicks off from November 20 to December 18 with 32 participants.

The first whistle of the World Cup tournament goes with host team Qatar in their rally match with their Ecuadorian counterparts on the home court.

Before the upcoming 2022 World Cup, you will be reviewed by the “Sports Week” portal every day.

Starting with the term “death group” in the combined tournaments, it usually refers to the presence of four technically powerful teams, a term first launched in Spanish by Mexican journalists in the 1970 World Cup,

when the defending champion England met with Brazil in Group III alongside Romania and Czechoslovakia. (The runner-up of the 1962 World Cup) turned “grupo de la muerte”, into the Group of Death “Group of Death” in the English media when the term was translated.

The death group returned to the 1982 World Cup, in the second round when Argentina, Brazil and Italy met together as described by British newspapers.

But it was the World Cup’s most famous “Mott Group”,

which took place in Group V in Mexico 1986, as described at the time by Uruguay coach Boras, and was then echoed by the British media when Germany, Scotland, Uruguay and Denmark were confronted and three of them eventually succeeded in the second round.

Dying Group at World Cup Qatar 2022

The “Death Group” in the tournament awaited in the World Cup Qatar 2022 saw Germany (4-time world champion) and Spain (one-time world champion) next to Japan and Costa Rica in Group V.

The tournament sees Russia’s absence from the European Supplement because of its invasion of Ukraine, while Italy is the largest absentee for the second time in succession after its shocking loss to North Macedonia days ago in a continental annex.

World Cup group stage dates

Sunday 20 November

Qatar × Ecuador

Monday 21 November

England × Iran

Senegal × Netherlands

United States × Wales

Tuesday 22 November

Argentina × Saudi Arabia

Denmark × Tunisia

Mexico × Poland

France × Australia

Wednesday 23 November

Morocco × Croati

Germany × Japan

Spain × Costa Rica

Belgium × Canada

Thursday 24 November

Switzerland × Cameroon

Uruguay × South Korea

Portugal × Ghana

Brazil × Serbia

Friday 25 November

Wales × Iran

Qatar × Seneg

Netherlands × Ecuador

England × United States

Saturday 26 November

Tunisia × Australia

Poland × Saudi Arabia

France × Denmark

Argentina × Mexico

Sunday 27 November

Japan × Costa Rica

Belgium × Morocco

Croatia × Canada

Spain × Germany

Monday 28 November

Cameroon × Serbia

South Korea × Ghana

Brazil × Switzerland

Portugal × Uruguay

Tuesday 29 November

Netherlands × Qatar

Ecuador × Senegal

Wales × England

Iran × United States

Wednesday 30 November

Tunisia × France

Australia × Denmark

Poland × Argentina

Saudi Arabia × Mexico

Thursday 1 December

Croatia × Belgium

Canada × Morocco

Japan × Spain

Costa Rica × Germany

Friday 2 December

South Korea × Portugal

Ghana × Uruguay

Cameroon × Brazil

Serbia × Switzerland

World Cup Round of 16 dates

Saturday 3rd December

Group A leader × Group B runner-up

Leader of Group C × runner-up of Group D

Sunday 4 December

Leader of Group “D” × runner-up of Group “C”

Leader of Group B × runner-up of Group A

Monday 5 December

Group V leaders × Group F runners-up

Group VII leaders × Group II runners-up

Tuesday 6 December

Group VI leaders × Group V runners-up

Group H leader × Group G runner-up

Qatar World Cup 2022 quarterfinals

Friday 9 December

Quarterfinals 1

Quarterfinals 2

Saturday 10 December

Quarterfinals 3

Quarterfinals 4

Date of the 2022 World Cup semi-finals

Tuesday 13 December

First semifinal

Wednesday 14 December

Second semifinal

Date of Third Place Fixture at Qatar World Cup 2022

Saturday 17 December

Semi-final loser 1 vs semi-final loser 2

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